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AICE Israeli Film Festival 2017

The AICE Israeli Film Festival returns in 2017 with a program packed full of goodies for your viewing pleasure.

Its a very real treat this year to welcome two very special guests. Brigadier General Gal Hirsch is one of the most experienced in the IDF in the areas of Counter Terrorism, Counter Insurgency and Guerilla Warfare. He spearheaded Israel's fight against terror for 34 years in all fronts as a commander of several elite units and as a field officer. Gal will be introducing the documentary War Story about his life, talking about his book Defensive Shield and appearing at various events and schools in the community.

And to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the liberation of Beersheba in October 1917 our other guest Ric Carlsson Chauvel, will introduce screenings of the 1940 Australian film - 40,000 Horsemen. Ric's great uncle, Harry Chauvel, led the infamous cavalry charge that liberated Beersheba from the Turks and his grandfather, Charles Chauvel, directed and co - produced the film.

His insights will delight film buffs and historical enthusiasts alike.

But its not all military matters this year - there is plenty of drama, laughter, some delights from the archive, and a special section devoted to the Women of Israel.

Melbourne Ajami
Melbourne Alice
Melbourne Between Worlds
Melbourne Bird In The Room with Quiet Gold
Melbourne Dimona Twist
Melbourne Ewa
Melbourne Forty Thousand Horsemen
Melbourne Holy Air
Melbourne Home Port
Melbourne Jaffa
Melbourne Land of the Little People
Melbourne Late Marriage
Melbourne Mother with a Gun
Melbourne Mr Gaga
Melbourne The Secrets
Melbourne War Story
Melbourne Heroine

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