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Big Willi Challenge | 2.5 kg Burrito Challenge


Big Willi is back for of the Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos), a Mexican holiday to CELEBRATE and remember friends and family who have passed.

Affectionately named after Taco Bill founder, Bill Chilcote. The Big Willi challenge has been taken on by hundreds of brave Melbournians (and food-challenge obsessed travelers) over the past 7 years, yet few have managed to beat Big Willi. The fastest completion time on record to date is a mere 5 minutes and 38 seconds!

Hundreds before you have dared to try BUT do you have what it takes to take on Big Willi?

This deadly burrito weighs in at a whopping 2.5kg -made up of 3 x 10 Inch Tortillas, 800g rice, 750g Chile Colorado with juices, 500g Fresh Frijole con Queso, 160g Cheese, JalapeƱos and CC Gravy for the top.

Pay $35 or finish it in under 35 minutes to GET IT FOR FREE! In addition to a free meal, winners will receive a certificate and will be featured on the Taco Bill social media wall of fame (or wall of shame if you mexi-cant complete the challenge).

Melbourne Competitors must book a table at least 2 days prior and mention the Big Willi Challenge. Bookings can be made via www.tacobill.com.au
Melbourne Competitors must sign a Big Willi release form prior to the commencing the challenge (yep this is serious business, some of our competitors will be feeling pretty rough)
Melbourne Competitors must consent to being on camera
Melbourne Competitors cannot leave the table once the challenge has started
Melbourne Competitors cannot have any help from their amigos
Melbourne The challenge will be timed and must be completed within 35 minutes to receive the burrito free of charge

Taco Bill is the OG Mexican restaurant chain based out of Melbourne, Victoria.

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