C P R Complete Property Rejuvenation

CPR-Complete Property Rejuvenation Pty Ltd is a company dedicated to home improvements, and a host of home and handyman services.

-:- Home/ Business/ Property Services
-:- Increase Property Value for Sale or Auction
-:- Property Appraisal & Presentation Service
-:- Full Range of Property Services & Products

The wide variety works and products that CPR provide includes but is not limited to:
painting, Tiling, Carpentry, New Carpet, Carpet Cleaning, Vinyl, Floating Floor Boards, Door/Window Repairs, New Blinds/Curtains, Laminating, Cleaning, Alarm Systems, Heating, Cooling and Air-Con, Landscaping, Gardening, Paving, Picket Fences, Fence/Gate Repairs, Sprinklers, Weatherboards, Minor Concreting, Roof Painting, Gutter Cleaning, Awnings, Pressure Washing, Water Features and much much more!!

All quotes by CPR Operators are free of obligation and charges.

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C P R Complete Property Rejuvenation108 Drummond street  Oakleigh Victoria 3166 | Map
1300 316706

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