Fairfield Primary School

Every day, every child engaged in purposeful and powerful learning

When children come to Fairfield Primary School they become part of a community that is passionate and curious about the world around them. We understand the need for creative and critical thinkers who have skills and dispositions to explore situations and solve problems. Real learning happens when children can make connections with what they are learning and their world. Thus, we create learning environments that start with the skills, dispositions, and strengths of every child and develop their capacities to extend their knowledge through our disciplines of literacy and mathematics, our specialist programs and our inquiry based learning curriculum.

Fairfield recognises that the cornerstone of a child's success at school begins with the quality of relationships across the school. We learn from each other, we learn together. The teacher is the trusted leader in this process who ensures that every day, every child is engaged in purposeful and powerful learning. The learning relationship takes place in an atmosphere of mutual respect, dialogue, student voice and collaboration.

Core skills in literacy and mathematics are essential to enable successful learning across all disciplines and a significant focus is on the development of high level literacy and mathematics skills for every child.

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