Virtual Reality Immersion | Experiences

Virtual Reality Immersion | Experiences

Feel the wind in your face 50 stories above the ground a rush of adrenaline as you race to set the fastest lap time defend your castle from invaders and dodge bullets and partner up with your friends in multiplayer.

The Viri Experience will engage your senses through a 50 minute virtual reality immersion with your friends.


Come and try over ten different virtual reality experiences that will engage your senses.

The experience includes The Plank Archery and a Private Booth shared with your group!

Walk the plank

Tackle the dizzying heights in this plank experience that transports you into a different altitude!


Go on a conquest armed with your bow and arrow and challenge your target shooting skills!


Burn some virtual rubber and experience the thrill of the circuit

Private Booth

Private Booth is part of The Viri Experience.

In the comfort of your own booth with friends and take turns trying different VR games and experiences.We have a recommended selection of 14 games in our library, plus new games and experiences being tested every month!

Experience virtual reality in a shared private booth with your group.

When you reach your booth, you'll be briefed by a Viri Game Master who will take you through how to setup and change games. You'll also get tips on the best games to try and any help if you get stuck! This gives you a great introduction to VR in a comfortable cosy environment.


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Times: Monday - Thursday 12pm - 10pm.....Friday to Sunday 10am - 10pm

Venue | Location

 VIRI - Virtual Reality Immersion show

555 Flinders Lane,  Melbourne Victoria | Map
Event: (03) 9080 5745 | Venue: (03) 9080 5745

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Virtual Reality Immersion | Experiences

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