Melbourne Prize Trust

Melbourne Prize Trust

The Melbourne Prize Trust, established in 2004, provides financial and professional development opportunities to artist by running the annual Melbourne Prize, which operates in a three-year cycle as follows:

Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture (2011)
Melbourne Prize for Literature (2012)
Melbourne Prize for Music (2013)
Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture 2014 - cycle commences again

The Trust has three objectives, which are met by
running the annual Melbourne Prize:

to recognise and reward excellence and talent;
to inspire creative development;
to enrich public life.

The annual Melbourne Prize is run as a competition each year according to the cycle. Entry can be made by completing the entry form, which is released on this website in the first half of each year. The entry form contains all the entry information, the judging panel and dates for each year. Following a judging process in the middle of the year, the finalists are announced and an exhibition is held at Federation Square with a finalist catalogue in November. The prize and award recipients are announced in the second week of November.

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