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Vikings | Swedish History Museum Exhibition

Swedish History Museum's huge Vikings exhibition features over 500 artefacts from one of history's most fascinating civilisation, including parts of a Viking ship, Thor's hammer pendants and swords.

23 March-26 August 2018
Touring Hall
Melbourne Museum

Bringing together the largest collection of Viking artefacts ever displayed in Australia, this exhibition will feature more than 500 treasures from the Swedish History Museum.

Including the astounding and beautiful skeletal remains of parts of a Viking ship - where only the original hand forged Viking nails are left to create this astonishing ghost ship.

Among the rare treasures on show are one of the finest of Thor's hammer pendants ever found and Viking swords dating from 700-1100 AD.

Recent archaeological discoveries have challenged our image of Vikings as pillaging and plundering pagans in horned helmets.

Vikings brings this rich, often-misunderstood culture to life, debunking stereotypes and providing a fascinating insight into their domestic life, rituals and beliefs.

This exhibition shows us why even 1000 years later, Viking culture still captivates imaginations.

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