Freeway Tunnel Proposal an Expensive Waste

The Public Transport Users Association has slammed the latest inner city freeway proposal released in a report prepared for the City of Melbourne.

The council's "East-West Integrated Transport Proposal" includes a 15km freeway tunnel from the Western Ring Road through to the Eastern Freeway - a project that could cost over $2 billion.

"For the price of the freeway tunnel, we could deliver world class public transport to Melbourne - including new rail lines to Rowville and East Doncaster, increased overall rail capacity, and frequent 7 day bus services to all suburbs. By making public transport an attractive choice, there would be no need for a costly new freeway across the inner suburbs, and we could move a lot more people a lot more efficiently", PTUA President Daniel Bowen said.

Media Release
Public Transport Users Association

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Freeway Tunnel Proposal an Expensive Waste 


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