Pentridge Prison

Pentridge Prison

HM Prison Pentridge was built in 1850 and closed on May 1 1997 in Coburg.

HM Prison Pentridge was Victoria's main gaol and was split into like A - Short and long-term prisoners of good behavior, B - Long-term prisoners with behavior problems and Jika Jika. Jika Jika, opened in 1980 was a 'gaol within a gaol' maximum security section, designed to house Victoria's hardest and longest serving prisoners..

HM Prison Pentridge had a number of knicknames including simply Pentridge, The Bluestone College, Coburg College or the College of Knowledge.

Since closing, a 16 floor modern residential apartment block is being developed by Valad Property Group and will be known as Pentridge Village.

The grave site of bushranger Ned Kelly lies within the former walls of Pentridge Prison while Ronald Ryan's remains have been returned to his family.

The front gate area remains.

Ghost Sighting at Chopper Read's Cell

An unexplained figure has been sighted at Pentridge Prison D Division near Chopper Read's old cell.

The apparition was sighted by a tour group and described as leaning against the wall, with his leg up and smoking a cigarette. When our tour guides and security guard went to investigate, he simply vanished. However, it was unexplained screams coming from the same cell that have made worldwide news headlines.

On Sunday 18th May 2014, Tour Guide Jeremy Kewley (Lantern Ghost Tours) was taking a group of guests through Pentridge Prison when the group heard a spinechilling shout "GET OUT" echo through the corridors. Read Story

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